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Managing Retention In A Global Talent War

Workforce Retention specialises in assisting organisations manage retention through effective diagnostics tools, workshops and consulting.

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Workforce Retentions Exit Interview Programs are flexible and suit every organisation. The exit interview programs provide options such as; choosing confidential or non confidential exit interviews, opting for the entire outsourced package or pay less and self adminster, customise your on-line interviews or use workforce retentions effective online exit interview structure. Contact us for a demonstration of the tool.

About Our Research

Through researching theories from renowned knowledge workers in people management, and studies from credible sources such as the Corporate Leadership Council and the Saratoga Institute, one common theme emerged: that all people, from whatever demographic, academic or cultural background, need intrinsic fulfilment in order to commit and be engaged in an organisation. Leigh Branham, for his highly acclaimed book 'The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave' (AMCOM Books 2004) studied the Saratoga Institute's 19,700 post-exit surveys and concluded that all people felt loss of one or more of the following: trust, hope, worth and competence. Thomas O'Davenport, from his book 'Human Capital' (Jossey-Bass Inc, Publishers 1999) said that intrinsic fulfilment is one of the top four levers of engagement. Being valued is prevalent in almost everything we read today on employee engagement and retention. These themes of intrinsic satisfaction form the basis of Workforce Retentionís products and principles.

Some of Workforce Retentionís research sources:

  • The Australian Institute of Management's extensive databases and libraries have been major sources of research for the development of Workforce Retentionís diagnostic tools, including the Third Party Exit Interview Program and the RECAP tool. To keep abreast of thinking on a range of people management practices, most notably employee retention, a periodic search is performed on AIM's Business Source Corporate Database, which has access to full text articles from over 3,000 business and management journals, including Harvard Business Review.
  • Workforce Retention is a member of Fairfax Digital and downloads up-to-the-minute articles from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers