Client Feedback

"We have been extremely impressed with Workforce Retention’s approach to developing a solution for exit interviews. What I most valued is the focus on understanding those key moments of disengagement that ultimately lead up to someone choosing to leave the business. In all our dealings with Workforce Retention we have found them to be flexible, professional and focused on working with us to develop a solution that meets the needs of our business and is tailored to ensure maximum value is achieved." Sonya Hughes - Director, Talent & Strategy. Campbell Arnotts

Flexible Options To Suit Your Organisation

Workforce Retentions Exit Interview Programs are flexible and suit every organisation. The exit interview programs provide options such as; choosing confidential or non confidential exit interviews, opting for the entire outsourced package or pay less and self adminster, customise your on-line interviews or use workforce retentions effective online exit interview structure. Contact us for a demonstration of the tool.

Workforce Retention

Powerful On-line Retention Diagnostics

Almost 90% of managers believe employees leave because of 'pull' factors such as better pay or career opportunities - rather than 'push' factors that occur long before employees start looking for greener pastures. Organisations that keep ahead of these realities will reap the rewards of sustained competitive advantage.

Online Exit Interviews

Save time and money by outsourcing your exit interviews.   Workforce Retention's model for collecting and reporting online data is based on extensive research focussed on illiciting true sentiment from exiting employees. Too often the power of data captured through exit interviews is not realised. Workforce Retention offers a cost effective exit interview program that provides powerful insight into why your key talent is leaving. Workforce Retention's model will save HR time, reduce overheads.

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Phone Exit Interviews

Outsource your exit interviews with Workforce Retention's cost effective third party exit interview programs. Using specialised staff to sensitively collect information from exiting employees via a telephone exit interview, Workforce Retention successfully uncovers the root cause of employee turnover and allows you to view powerful online reports on such things as; the top five reasons for leaving, demographic profiles of former employees and insightful drill downs into reasons for exiting.

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Internal Exit Interviews

You can have the flexibility of allowing internal staff such as HR or management conduct internal exit interviews for your organisation with the reassurance of knowing the exit data is being captured centrally and reported objectively for the entire organisation.

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Powerful Retention Tool - RECAPô

Workforce Retention has developed a Retention, Engagement & Commitment Assessment Program RECAP™. This powerful diagnostic tool helps you identify flight risk and nip it in the bud within 12 months.

It has two-fold value. Firstly, it captures the preferences, values and expectations of each individual as they enter the workforce. Then six months later, it recaptures the employee’s satisfaction against those same unique preferences. The comparative data highlights important gaps and identifies the risk of losing the employee through a retention index, and their level of engagement and commitment to the organisation through an engagement and commitment index. The data is captured independently encouraging greater candour from the individual via email workflow. It is then compiled into a one-page profile that the manager accesses via a web link.

How Do We Compare The Data?

The data is taken from the employee as they enter the workforce. At this point the culture, norms and attitudes of the workplace have not yet made an impression on the individual so their expression about what they value is untainted and candid.  Six months later those questions rated with high importance are given a satisfaction rating by the employee.

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